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Lets Talk Tools – Immersion Hand Blender

The Immersion Hand Blender is one of my kitchen tools that I just couldn’t do with out. I don’t use it every day but when I do it is the only tool that will do the job. For puree and emulsifying nothing comes close. Take my chicken marinade for example, I had to try and use a […]

Reese’s Brownies! Just Fricken Awesome!

Oh yeah! You heard me right, Reese’s Brownies, in a cupcake! They are just as good as you would think! I was Stumbling the web when I found The Crepes of Wrath blog which was doing an article about brownies with York Peppermint patties. Not being too fond of peppermint patties I thought of what […]

Passing On of the Recipes Part 2 – Kálach

It’s another day so today we are making two loves of Kálach. Kálach, as pictured below, is a pastry roll stuffed with nut meats and raisins. This recipe is for one loaf so be sure to double it if you want two loaves. Once again KT, my daughter, is getting schooled by my mom.

A Real Passing on of the Recipes – Hungarian Fanks

Well I called my mother and I found out the Target bag of recipes she gave me in the “Passing On of the Recipes” post where her cast off recipes. So I asked where are the recipes of the good stuff from my childhood, where is the Fank (a fried bread doughnut, topped with sugar) […]

Strawberry Sponge-cake, Great Desert for Mom!

What’s good about this recipe is that you can get the kids in on making a dessert for Mom on Mother’s Day. There are no knives used in this preparation. The sharpest thing we used was a grapefruit spoon. If you use biscuits its called Strawberry Shortcake.  Because you use shortening for biscuits, they call […]

Revisiting Special Rice Krispies Treats

These have become a Christmas tradition around our house so I thought I would revisit the Rice Krispies Treats post from a while back. These make a great dish to bring to a holiday party. They are easy to make, can be very festive and everybody loves them. Click here to see the Krispies post. […]

Chef Benwa’s Special Rice Krispies Treats

I like this method because it is richer and the chocolate make for a more special treat. You can also make them themed for any occasion. Prep Time: 5 to 10 Cook Time: 15 to 20 Min Serves: Lots