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Need a Special Gift for That Hard to Shop For Person

Here it is the Giant Gummy Bear, its over 1,000 times larger than a regular gummy bear! I found the Worlds Largest Gummy Bear website while doing a little Stumbling. Here is what the site has to say about these monsters: These gummy behemoths are as sweet, soft, chewy and delicious as their lilliputian cousins […]

On Cheese Burgers

I usually go to Wendy’s for lunch. It’s good to get out of the office and I really like Wendy’s. I usually have a Spicy Chicken sandwich or, to mix it up a bit, a Single with Cheese and Everything, Deluxe. Just a quick side note: We all know that “Everything” means Ketchup, Mustard, Onions, and […]

Butter IS Better

As you have probably seen I exclusively use butter for my recipes. You will never see me call for margarine or “oleo”, as my folks used to call it. Image Credit There are many reasons, the most important one is flavor. Don’t believe me? Make two batches of Rice Kripspy Treats, one with butter […]

Chili Season In Full Swing Here in Michigan

Well it’s the 1st of November and Chili season is here and the weather in Michigan has been perfect; wet, cold and cloudy. If you need more inspiration than the weather can provide I have posted some links to my chili recipes. If all else fails there is an alternative I added at the end […]

Attack of the Giant Pizza

We were invaded by a very large pizza the other night. We were in the mood for some pizza so we went through our collection of pizza menus on the side of the fridge. I saw the menu for Palermo’s super extra large pizza. It’s a 24 inch monster. Here is what they say about […]

Horror Stories from the Kitchen

I was looking threw my email and saw a story on the Chef’s Blade web site about horror stories from the kitchen. There were mostly stories and comments from professional chefs and restaurants.  My worst mishap was in the home and went something like this. This was a fire in my home. But it was […]

Small Delicious Burgers a.k.a. White Castle, Sliders (or Slyders), Shooters, etc….

What have they done to my little burger! “The slider is bifurcated, both upscale and working class now,” said David Gerard Hogan, a professor of American history at Heidelberg College in Tiffin, Ohio.

The Start of Sweet Corn Season in Michigan

We had our first batch of Michigan sweet corn. It was great! You can see my preferred method of butter application too. This batch was cooked in water for about 10 minutes. Allowed to cool a bit and rolled on a stick of butter and lightly salted. Enjoy!.

Towels vs Mittens for Pot Holders

My wife usually asks why I use a couple of thick terrycloth kitchen towles, or bar mops, for grabbing and holding hot pots and pans instead of the big oven mitts. I’m afraid the reason is rather icky. This is a cautionary tale for all of you still working in a restaurant or other institution […]

Sonic Opens a New Store In Grand Rapids MI

They finally opened a Sonic Drive-In in Grand Rapids MI. They have been advertising on the cable stations for ages but they didn’t have one close enough to go to. They have the old style drive-in with the menu and intercom at each station. They even have waitresses on skates! What a flash back for […]

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