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Care and Handling of the Happy Day Griddle Grill

I received an email from Marguerite about the care and use of her rediscovered Happy Day Griddle Grill. “Just found  your blog because I was reaching the Happy Day Griddle I was rearranging my cabinets this week and found it…. After my parents passed away  (i had taken care of them for many years and now […]

I have a New Cleaning Tool

It’s called Krud Kutter! You know those places in your kitchen that don’t always get wiped down, those little nooks and crannies that just somehow get missed. Then the grease, and grim sort of sets up into this impenetrable varnish that just won’t come off. I had a couple of places like that, behind the stove, the […]

Scrambled Eggs with Onions and Mushrooms

This is one of my favorite breakfasts, it’s not quite an omelet but it’s a little less then a total scramble. If that makes any sense. They sort of look like an omelet but I don’t set the eggs that hard. I like them more on the moist side. I cooked the onions and mushrooms […]

Potato Pancakes from Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Here is a great way to use up any leftover mashed potatoes that you have. These taste great and they really stick to your ribs on these cold, waning days of winter.

The Best Breakfast Potatoes Ever!

I’m not sure where she found this recipe but it is a great one. I’ll eat this stuff any time. Morning, noon ot night, this is my absolute all time favorite dish served with 3 over easy eggs and some whole wheat toast. Yummy! OK, lets get going:

Real Men Eat Quiche, and Make It Too

I love Quiche, the whole family loves quiche. I made four of them Sunday, that’s four full size deep dish pies, and they are almost gone. Bacon Quiche, Sooo Gooood! What’s great about quiche is that you can put what ever you like in them. You can make taco quiche, pizza quiche, bacon quiche, veggie […]

Shredded Potato Pancakes/Hash Browns

Shredded Potato Pancakes/Hash Browns with Scrambled Eggs, Sausage and Toast Prep Time: 15 Min. Cook Time: 15 to 20 Min.