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Wheat Free Quiche

Wheat free quiche you say,  how can that be? Well it is actually pretty easy. Instead of a flour crust I used shredded hash brown potatoes. Since this was a hash brown potato crust quiche I decided to stay with the  breakfast theme and used sausage for the meat and Colby-Jack cheese. Otherwise the ingredients are the same […]

Shredded Potato Pancakes/Hash Browns

Shredded Potato Pancakes/Hash Browns with Scrambled Eggs, Sausage and Toast Prep Time: 15 Min. Cook Time: 15 to 20 Min.

Broiled Scallops with Shallot/Garlic Butter

Prep Time:  15 min. Cook time:  10 to 20 min. or until done (depends on size of scallops) This is a simple and quick recipe for all of you who love Garlic and Scallops. Make sure everything else that you are serving with the scallops is ready to go  because this doesn’t take too long. […]