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Potato Scrubbing Made Easy

In my last post I talked about scrubbing your potatoes clean. The best thing I have found for this sort of work is the Green Scrubby Pad. You can almost scrub the potato skins right off if you put a little effort into it. But then you loose all the nice nutrients you get from […]

If the Pan is the Thing, What’s it Made of?

Hi Bill, Cast Iron is nice, but a lot of people find them too heavy and it is third in heat conductivity behind copper then aluminum. Most people opt for aluminum, it is what you will find in most restaurant supply stores. It transfers heat evenly and is cost effective. If cost is no hindrance […]

The Pan is the Thing

I feel one of the most important thing about cooking is the pan. If you are in anyway serious about cooking or if you have an aversion to throwing food away, your pans are the most important thing you will bring into your kitchen. The main thing to remember is thick and heavy. Your pans should […]

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