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Jalapeno Cleaning Tip

In last weeks post I used several fresh jalapenos in my Hot Sauce recipe. When you are using fresh jalapenos it is a good idea to remove the seeds and the fleshy part that holds them to the peppers. That is unless you like it really hot, then just leave ’em in. I was looking […]

A Cheap Solution to a Food Blogger’s Problem

If you have been following this blog you may have noticed my secret little problem. Almost all the food images on my blog are on the same tableware. I tried to solve this problem by checking out the local big retail stores such as Meijers, Target and Big Lots, but all the tableware at these […]

Great New Use for a Pampered Chef Accent Decorator

The wife Mary was throwing together a lasagna to night when she had an epiphany when it came to adding the ricotta cheese. Normally we just use a spoon for fork to place clumps of ricotta cheese on the layers and then smear it around. Mary thought to try and use the accent decorator. It […]

I Got a New Toy! Oops, I Mean Tool

I found a great deal on a Infrared Thermometer with a laser pionter and I just couldn’t resist. It’s all Alton’s fault. It looks like I got the last one too. I was going create a link to the page at NewEgg but it’s gone. I received the add in an email so I am […]

How To Section Chicken Wings

In last weeks post I discussed the pros and cons between fresh and frozen chicken wings. See the results here. One of the problems with the fresh chicken wings was that they usually come whole and you need to cut them into sections. Which are drumette, middle and tip. You could take your cleaver and […]

Football Season is Chicken Wing Season

The start of the NFL football season signals the start of the Unofficial Chicken Wing season. You can have them fried, baked, broiled, or grilled. I like them fried with a nice coating of a good Buffalo Wing sauce. I also really like them grilled after they’ve been marinated in a good, hot marinade. In […]

How to Roll a Burrito

Here is a great tip for all of you Tex-Mex lovers out there who just haven’t figured out how to roll or “fold” your burrito. I don’t want to here any remarks like “so that’s what the kids are calling it these days.” Just keep those types of comments to your self and I will […]

Tool Tip: Get Yourself an Instant Read Thermometer!

I have a Taylor TruTemp with a 1″ dial and magnified lens. The operational range is 0°F to 220°F. It comes with a pocket case with clip. Of course it is NSF approved. You can get high temperature models too. They relatively cheap, you can get on for around $6 to $8 most anywhere. The […]

Surprising Source for Spam Recipes

I found a very surprising source for Spam recipes. Unfortunately, this one is only for those of you who have Gmail, or Google email account for the uninitiated. Open Gmail and go to your spam folder. Instead of the usual advertisement at the top of the the spam window you will find a Spam recipe. […]

I Have an Important Tip This Week

I ran into a little trouble while cooking last weeks Sloppy Joe recipe. I became distracted and forgot to stir the Sloppy Joe for about a half hour. I came back and you could see that the Sloppy Joe were way too hot, pretty much boiling. I had the burner on a low simmer but […]

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