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Famous Beer Aficionados

This came to me in my email. Just had to share. Plus, as you can tell, I have been all out of ideas for quite some time. Plus I like beer, well at least draft beer. For some reason he canned and bottled stuff just isn’t the same. Sometimes when I reflect on all the […]

Continuing My Moms Recipes Part #2

First we start off with Kropsua Finnish Oven Pancake. As you can see she spelled Kropsue. I thought it my be someones name so I looked it up. Apparently its something prepared in an oven. As you can maybe tell I haven’t had a chance to try these out. I hoping some brave soul out […]

Some of Mom’s Recipes (a continuing series)

Here are a couple of my mom’s recipe cards. I’m doing this one first because it has no title. I think it might be some sort of dip or appetizer. If any body has any idea what this is let me know. According to Nancy this is a Reuben Dip Recipe. Sounds about right to […]

What’s For Dinner? This Just Might be the Answer!

If you have wracked your brains for something to make for dinner check out this web page. It’s great for when you are stuck and can’t think of some thing to make. Just punch in what you have and it gives you a few ideas. Here is the link: .

Towels vs Mittens for Pot Holders

My wife usually asks why I use a couple of thick terrycloth kitchen towles, or bar mops, for grabbing and holding hot pots and pans instead of the big oven mitts. I’m afraid the reason is rather icky. This is a cautionary tale for all of you still working in a restaurant or other institution […]

Great Image of Steak Doneness

I found this at Ask The Meatman. It’s a great representaion of the what the doneness of a beef steak should look like and the approximate time to cook it. .

2 Great Web Sites

I’m unable to come up with a good recipe this week plus I have to re-caulk the bathroom today. I think a “How To” on re-caulking a tub surround would be a little off target for this blog. So, I’ve decided to pass on a couple of good web sites I’ve found while looking for […]

Potato Pancakes from Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Here is a great way to use up any leftover mashed potatoes that you have. These taste great and they really stick to your ribs on these cold, waning days of winter.

Taking Advantage of Bulk Burger Prices!

How many times have you seen ads in the paper for ridiculously low prices on bulk ground beef. Then you ask yourself “what am I going to do with a 5, 10 or 15 pounds of ground meat”? I’ve seen people throw 5 lb bags of ground meat in the freezer. Which is fine as […]

Happy Day Griddle-Grill Revisited

I Now have two Happy Day Griddle-Grills. As you may know from my first posting “Happy Day Griddle/Grill Best Griddle I Have Ever Used, Period.” I acquired my first Happy Day Griddle from my mom. She was about to throw it in the trash. My second Happy Day Griddle was purchased on eBay. The remarkable […]

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