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The Hidden Danger of Onion Rings

Well not really hidden, more like forgotten.  Maybe it’s because I don’t eat them as often as say, french fries. But every time I eat them I invariably, at least once, get the dreaded molten hot onion that slides out of the protective sheath of the breading and scalds the crap out of my lip. […]

Cherry Picking with a Bonus

Well we made it two times for cherries this season. 15 lbs the first time and 30 lbs the second. As an added bonus the orchard had a selection of some beautiful apricots. We had a great time picking the cherries. We found some whoppers. It only took us 45 minutes to pick 30 lbs. […]

This Looks So Good I had to Share

I found this recipe at the Noble Pig. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but it looks just fantastic. See the whole story here: Noble Pig: When the Moon Hits the Sky….

Towels vs Mittens for Pot Holders

My wife usually asks why I use a couple of thick terrycloth kitchen towles, or bar mops, for grabbing and holding hot pots and pans instead of the big oven mitts. I’m afraid the reason is rather icky. This is a cautionary tale for all of you still working in a restaurant or other institution […]

Those British are So Funny

Maybe you’ve seen this before, but I think it just great. Especially when you realize that it was actually broadcast on the BBC and they had hundreds of people calling in who believed it. Unfortunately they forgot to look at their calendars. The broadcast date was April 1st. .

Some Great Links for Foodies!

Sorry, no recipe this week, spent most of yesterday at work and sleeping. The reason for this is  I had to drop my daughter off for a school trip at 5am and a skunk or cat kept the dogs barking all night. So yesterday was pretty much a blow off. That leaves today to catch […]

Found this great Brownie Pan while Stumbling

Found this while Stumbling. This is great for all of us who like the crunchy, chewy edges of our brownies. You can buy this one  here: Bakers Edge The Edge Brownie Pan I also found another. What’s nice about this one is you can use it to cook thin loaves of bread too. Find this […]

Sonic Opens a New Store In Grand Rapids MI

They finally opened a Sonic Drive-In in Grand Rapids MI. They have been advertising on the cable stations for ages but they didn’t have one close enough to go to. They have the old style drive-in with the menu and intercom at each station. They even have waitresses on skates! What a flash back for […]

Passing On of the Recipes

I received one of the greatest gift anyone interested in food or cooking could receive, my mother’s recipes. Was it a worn and weary bound tome of the Bennett and Buzas families passed down through the generations? Was it a homemade box stuffed full of hand written on slightly stained index cards? No, it was […]

For the Neophyte Chef or the Truly OCD Person in All of Us

Here is a great tool if you just have to get the recipe exactly the way it is supposed to be, or as a great gift for a neophyte  chef. When the recipe calls for a Dash, Pinch or Smidgen you’ll be ready. I think I found these at Restoration Hardware years ago. I just […]

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