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OK I’m This Desperate

Time to bare all and admit I have a problem.  I’m not sure if anyone has noticed but I never show my kitchen in any of my blog photos. The reason is my kitchen sucks. It is so bad that, in desperation, I have entered a contest on the DIY website (cosponsored by Food Network […]

Online Recipe Card Maker

I found this online recipe card maker while searching for ideas and I thought it would be neat to try. Not so much, its great if your recipe is limited to eight items and the method is no longer than a couple of sentences. Recipe Card Maker Alternatively you would be better off using something […]

Magnetic Spice Rack Hack

I received a Magnetic Spice Rack for my birthday. I had been envying them ever since I saw them on the inside of Alton Browns cabinets. I priced out the canisters and was sorely disappointed. They were $3.99 a piece or $29.99 for seven. I found this set for $19.99 at Costco. It had 12 […]

The Turkey Bowl, My New Favorite After Thanksgiving Treat

That is besides turkey sandwiches. There is nothing like a good BLTT. But for an easy, delicious, and hot after Thanksgiving treat that is sure to burn threw the leftovers there is nothing like a Turkey Bowl. It starts out by putting what ever you want into a bowl and then microwaving it till heated […]

Horror Stories from the Kitchen

I was looking threw my email and saw a story on the Chef’s Blade web site about horror stories from the kitchen. There were mostly stories and comments from professional chefs and restaurants.  My worst mishap was in the home and went something like this. This was a fire in my home. But it was […]

What’s For Dinner? This Just Might be the Answer!

If you have wracked your brains for something to make for dinner check out this web page. It’s great for when you are stuck and can’t think of some thing to make. Just punch in what you have and it gives you a few ideas. Here is the link: .

Cottage Bar and WLAV Chili Cook-Off

I finally made downtown for the Cottage Bar and WLAV Chili Cook-Off. All proceeds benefit Gilda’s Club of West Michigan Unfortunately it was a little to crowded for my tastes. The view to the north. The view to the south. I did manage to sample one groups chili. They were from a local bar and […]

Red Lobster Style Biscuits

I think I will try these. I’ve seen several recipes around the web and it would save me a bundle of cash. It’s the only thing you couldn’t make at home, until now. You know, Shrimp, Lobster, Fish all that stuff is, actually, really easy. Plus it’s tons cheaper to cook it at home. So […]

Quick and Easy Italian Chicken Sandwich

I was looking around for something quick and easy to make for lunch the other day. So I swung open the side-by-side fridge/freezer and stared in them for awhile. When I came back from my trance, I noticed some pre-cooked Italian Chicken breasts in the freezer. Glancing over to the fridge I spied some left-over […]

The Start of Sweet Corn Season in Michigan

We had our first batch of Michigan sweet corn. It was great! You can see my preferred method of butter application too. This batch was cooked in water for about 10 minutes. Allowed to cool a bit and rolled on a stick of butter and lightly salted. Enjoy!.

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