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Here’s a Great Idea for Boiling Eggs

Here is a great idea for those of you out there who have trouble multi-tasking. All things are learned, so here is a web site that can help you get started down the multi-tasking trail. If have trouble with clock watching to get the perfect boiled eggs this web page will help you learn how […]

Great Idea for Easter

Here is a great idea for Easter It’s a Rice Krispies Treat® basket. I remember the first time my mom made these for us. For some reason I was having a really bad time, well as bad as it can be for a kid. Who knows with three older brothers and two younger ones, I […]

On Cheese Burgers

I usually go to Wendy’s for lunch. It’s good to get out of the office and I really like Wendy’s. I usually have a Spicy Chicken sandwich or, to mix it up a bit, a Single with Cheese and Everything, Deluxe. Just a quick side note: We all know that “Everything” means Ketchup, Mustard, Onions, and […]

The Hungarian Cookbook Project

In the collection of recipes and cookbooks I received when my mom passed. I was especially interested in a Hungarian Cookbook published by the Culinary Arts Institute of Chicago IL. What interested me ,besides the fact that it was published in the year of my birth, was that it was ready to fall apart. The […]

Wow, Its Been 10 Days Since My Last Post

So much for my new years resolution to post twice a week. I do have a good excuse though, I have been working on web sites for new clients. Oh, in case you didn’t know,  I am also a web developer and I have some Flash images to make today so this will be it […]

Here is Another Great Site

Peak-Season Map from .

Great Site for Food Links

Here is a great site for a ton of recipe sites. .

Sausage Cooking Tip

Here is a great tip for cooking bulk sausage. I always get my sausage in the one pound bulk packs. Bob Evans is my favorite. I didn’t think that this tip was that important till my daughter tried to cook some for her beauty school breakfast pot luck. We stock up with sausage when it’s […]

Long Before the Slap Chop

I was going threw my mom’s stuff at her house and I ran into a few things to share with you. I’ll start with these great little choppers. Long before Vince and his cohorts thought up the Slap Chop my mother, an probably a lot of other mothers, where using one of these. I’m not […]

No More Passing On of the Recipes

I am sorry to say that the reason for the lack of postings the last few week is that my mother, Betty, has lost her battle with cancer. She passed away on Tuesday December 8th after two weeks in hospice. I would like to thank all the nurses, doctors, and everyone from Faith Hospice in […]

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