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Popular on Instructables

Hey my Step by Step Instructable “How to Roll Egg Rolls” just became popular on Instructables! That means that tons of people are checking out my Step by Step Instructable and telling us they really like it. How to roll Egg Rolls

Yummy!! Canned Unicorn Meat

I sent away for this a couple of weeks ago, and it finally arrived today. It had a convoluted trail, it came by way of Kim Jong-un’s private stock. So of course I couldn’t order it directly from North Korea. It had to go from “friend” to “friend” to avoid any possible repercussions from the State Department. But […]

Knife InfoGraphic

Kitchen Cabinet Update

I finally finished my new cabinets in the corner of my kitchen. It used to have a china cabinet and there was a half-wall leading into the living room. It was too cramped for the table. If I turned the china cabinet you would see the back of it from the living room above the half-wall. The half-wall was […]

How About Some Train Stuff for Christmas!

Hey for all you out there that need and love a train running around you Christmas tree. Here is a great site, they have some great stuff. They also have some great Halloween themed stuff too.  

The Perfect Cutting Board for the OCD Chef

Ever have to have everything just so? Does your culinary professor make Gordon Ramsay seem like a teddy bear? Well how about The Obsessive Chef’s cutting board. From the Foodiggity Shop’s web site “Do you obsess over the accuracy of your juliennes and batonnets? Or perhaps you’re a culinary student whose chef instructor doesn’t tolerate […]

Here is a Great Kitchen Timer

It’s a Kikkerland Safe Kitchen Timer. Not your old run of the mill timer, it looks like a Safe Combination dial. Pretty clever, in a quirky sort of way! It’s available on Amazon, for $10.99

OK This Joke Only Works One Time a Year

What is green and stays out side all year? (see below for answer)   Patty O’Furniture ;^)

Mary’s Birtday

Fun times at Frankie V’s Birtday Girl Nick & KT

Have a Great Holiday Season

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