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Lets Talk Tools – Immersion Hand Blender

The Immersion Hand Blender is one of my kitchen tools that I just couldn’t do with out. I don’t use it every day but when I do it is the only tool that will do the job. For puree and emulsifying nothing comes close. Take my chicken marinade for example, I had to try and use a […]

A New Batch of Hot Sauce!

A couple of weekends ago I put up some more of my “Restaurant Style” Hot Sauce. You can see my previous posts here and here. I made fifty bottles this time around.  pretty much the same recipe as before, but this time I used some diced tomatoes. Didn’t like them; I think from now on I will only […]

OK This Joke Only Works One Time a Year

What is green and stays out side all year? (see below for answer)   Patty O’Furniture ;^)

The Allergic Chef

I think I need a new name for the blog. The Allergic Chef might do. I have been having some ear a sinus problems for the last couple of years and it turns out I’m allergic to just about everything. On the skin tests I was positive to all of them. So they sent me […]

Mary’s Birtday

Fun times at Frankie V’s Birtday Girl Nick & KT

Have a Great Holiday Season

Make S’mores Inside Your PC

You heard me right! David Murphy, of PCWorld must have been really board or as hard up for material as I am. He used an old PC for some heat, some aluminum foil for a pan and software for his temperature control knob. and voilà PC S’mores! Well there was a bit more to it […]

Famous Beer Aficionados

This came to me in my email. Just had to share. Plus, as you can tell, I have been all out of ideas for quite some time. Plus I like beer, well at least draft beer. For some reason he canned and bottled stuff just isn’t the same. Sometimes when I reflect on all the […]

Posting from my phone with images

I can now post form my phone with pictures. Size just has to be set at 400 pixels. Here is an example.

Hot Sauce 2011

I made a double batch of restaurant style hot sauce yesterday. By “Restaurant Style” I mean a cooked hot sauce like they serve at my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant the Beltline Bar in Grand Rapids. I was never that into “Salsa”. They make a “Salsa” at the Beltline Bar but they call it the “mild” sauce. […]

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