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Mock Hot Blue Berry Pie Ala mode

Mock Hot Blue Berry Pie Ala mode 2 Blue Berry Pop Tart or Toaster Strudel (I prefer the Toaster Strudel) 2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream (OK three or  four scoops, who am I kidding) Break the Blue Berry Pop Tart into a microwave safe bowl and zap for 30 seconds (microwaves vary so you may […]

Popular on Instructables

Hey my Step by Step Instructable “How to Roll Egg Rolls” just became popular on Instructables! That means that tons of people are checking out my Step by Step Instructable and telling us they really like it. How to roll Egg Rolls

Found Food Image Wallpapers

Click for full size image, then click it again.

Found Food Images

For lack of anything interesting to write about I have decided to start posting food images I have found on the web. Here is a nice wall paper for all you Tabasco lovers! Just click on the image, then click the image again, then right click the image and click “Save As” to get the […]

Care and Handling of the Happy Day Griddle Grill

I received an email from Marguerite about the care and use of her rediscovered Happy Day Griddle Grill. “Just found  your blog because I was reaching the Happy Day Griddle I was rearranging my cabinets this week and found it…. After my parents passed away  (i had taken care of them for many years and now […]

Yummy!! Canned Unicorn Meat

I sent away for this a couple of weeks ago, and it finally arrived today. It had a convoluted trail, it came by way of Kim Jong-un’s private stock. So of course I couldn’t order it directly from North Korea. It had to go from “friend” to “friend” to avoid any possible repercussions from the State Department. But […]

Pinterest Image Orientation Problems

Hey, I have solved the Pinterest image orientation problem! I pinned these two images from my Chef Benwa Cooking Blog. The one on the left is landscape the one on the right is portrait This fix will work if you are pinning your own images. The problem is is that along with the image file […]

Beef Chart

Knife InfoGraphic

Tired of Wasting Food!!

For some reason, either from cooking in a restaurant or coming from a big family I always seem to make way too much food. After throwing away yet another left-over batch of  taco meat, I was determined to find a way to save my meat, and other cooked foods too. It was about a 3/4 of […]

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