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I have 20 years of cooking experience under my ever expanding belt. I started as a prep-cook at the Finial. This was a restaurant in the top of the old Union Bank building in downtown Grand Rapids, MI, it was open back in the mid-to-late 70’s.

From there I went to a place called Jerry’s Roadhouse a restaurant that was in Wyoming, MI. By the time I left Jerry’s I was the assistant, or Sous, Chef.

I next spent several years at Guthrie’s Digs, a casual/up scale restaurant that was located in the Ramblewood apartment complex. While at Guthrie’s I gained a lot of knowledge from several different Chefs the last being Chef Tim Fellows.

From there I graduated to Chef and went on to run several kitchens. The first was Popi’s restaurant for a year and then several years at Pour Aurthur’s in Wyoming.

Cooking Philosophy:

To me a recipe is a more of a guide or suggestion for cooking food that I like or some thing I think I might like to try. In my experiences, it is sometimes impossible to follow a recipe to the letter. You may be missing an ingredient or you just can’t stand something the recipe calls for. In that case it is important to be able to improvise, and if tragedy strikes, be willing to start over. Some of the best, and worst, food I have ever made was from recipes that I hacked to make it more to what I liked or thought it should be. There is a major exception to this. That is baked goods and pastries. These recipes need to be rigorously followed or you will end up with inedible crap..


7 Responses to “About Chef Benwa”

  1. Hi dude, thanks for the mention for iFoods. Have bookmarked your site now aswell! Keep up the good work!

  2. kelly says:

    Stumbled on your site searching google for a “shredded hash brown pancake”, and found myself lurking around awhile. I have never favorited a blog, but, I’m doing so right now…..

  3. Chef Benwa says:

    Great! Thanks! Hope you found it informational and interesting.

  4. Dave Hunt says:


    Found your site myself and will bookmark it and visit often. Great talking o you yesterday!

  5. Ellen Vroma Brennan says:

    Jerry…. I didn’t realize you were a chef!!! Have any good vegetarian dishes? Where are you at now? Pour Arthurs? I’d love to visit a restaurant where you are the chef!!!

  6. Chef Benwa says:

    Sorry, Pretty much a meat guy! Hey tell everyone at the reunion Hi! We are having our summer company party on the same day/night and the boss is handing out bonus checks. So it’s kind of imperative I be there. ;^)

  7. Scott V says:

    Hi Jerry!,

    Never knew you so multi-faceted. I’ll make sure to hit you up for some secrets recipes next time I’m out to see you !



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