Pinterest Image Orientation Problems

Hey, I have solved the Pinterest image orientation problem!

I pinned these two images from my Chef Benwa Cooking Blog. The one on the left is landscape the one on the right is portrait


This fix will work if you are pinning your own images. The problem is is that along with the image file is EXIF information.

In this EXIF information the image file tells the Web Browser which orientation to display the image.

The problem is that some programs won’t change this info when you rotate and save your image.

In my exhaustive search of the Pinterest site and many Google searches I found a solution. You need to rotate and save the image with a program that will change the EXIF info.

You would think that all programs would do this, maybe most do, but I have found two that will change the EXIF info for sure.

One is Photoshop and the other is Infran View. Photoshop is really expensive so it wouldn’t make sense to buy it just for this purpose. But if you have it already you are set, just open your image and rotate it to the proper orientation and save it.

The other option, Infran Viewer, is free, just download it from the CNET website and install it on you computer.  Here is the link: Infran View.

If you want to view the EXIF data you will need a plug-in. You can get all the plug-ins at this link: Infran View Plugins. The plug installs just like the Infran View program. Click on the downloaded “.exe” file to install.

Just open your image in Infran View, rotate it, if needed, then save it. This should take care of all your Pinterest Landscape/portrait problems.


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