Tired of Wasting Food!!

For some reason, either from cooking in a restaurant or coming from a big family I always seem to make way too much food.

After throwing away yet another left-over batch of  taco meat, I was determined to find a way to save my meat, and other cooked foods too.

It was about a 3/4 of a pound so it was too big to freeze as one chunk. It takes too long to thaw or dries out in the microwave.

We were throwing out a lot of left-over foods such as Spanish Rice, refried beans, BBQ Beef, Sloppy-Joes, etc, etc….

It either got pushed to the back of the fridge or we got tired of eating it for days.

Then I remembered back to my days in the restaurant. We used to use these little 5 or 6 once plastic or Styrofoam cups with lids for portion control and storage in the fridge or freezer until they where needed.

I went to the local restaurant vendor, Gordon Food Service, and picked up some 5.5 once cups and lids. I don’t remember the exact price but I’m sure it’s a lot less then the food we have been wasting.

Portion Cups


We used them already for some taco meat and refried beans.  It is also great for home made Jello and pudding cups. Just be sure to leave the lid off the pudding until it sets. The top 1/4 of the cups was a little runny.



If your real adventurous you could use them for giant Jello shots. ;^)

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