Wheat Free Quiche

Wheat free quiche you say,  how can that be? Well it is actually pretty easy. Instead of a flour crust I used shredded hash brown potatoes.

Since this was a hash brown potato crust quiche I decided to stay with the  breakfast theme and used sausage for the meat and Colby-Jack cheese. Otherwise the ingredients are the same as my previous Quiche post.

I tried browning the hash brown potato crust in the oven. I wasn’t crazy about it. The edges browned but not the inside. The next time I will brown them in a large pan and turn them out in to the pie pan.

It turned out looking just as great as the other quiches. Albeit a lot more yellow then the Quiche with Swiss cheese.

It was just as good as the other quiche that I prepared that day, as proof the wheat allergic chef only had a chance for one piece before my son and his friends wolfed down the rest.

He is still getting used to the idea I’m not supposed to eat wheat, or that he should clean his room, pick up his stuff, and so on, and so on…..

So if you want a wheat free quiche give this method a try, just brown the hash browns in a pan over the stove and turn them out into the pie pan.

I haven’t trid the “on the stove turn it into the pan” thing myself  so if you do let me know how it goes.



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