The Perfect Cutting Board for the OCD Chef

Ever have to have everything just so? Does your culinary professor make Gordon Ramsay seem like a teddy bear?

Well how about The Obsessive Chef’s cutting board.

From the Foodiggity Shop’s web site

“Do you obsess over the accuracy of your juliennes and batonnets? Or perhaps you’re a culinary student whose chef instructor doesn’t tolerate uneven brunoises? Then, The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board is here to help.

Part kitchen tool, part OCD-encourager, the cutting board includes guides for the most important cuts. And it should help impress your dinner guests with your knife skills, or to avoid getting yelled at in French.”


2 Responses to “The Perfect Cutting Board for the OCD Chef”

  1. GregF says:

    I am a graphic designer and photographer, can I use this board to cut pixels in half?

  2. jerry says:

    Yes I believe this might do it. ;^)

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