I have a New Cleaning Tool

It’s called Krud Kutter!

You know those places in your kitchen that don’t always get wiped down, those little nooks and crannies that just somehow get missed.

Then the grease, and grim sort of sets up into this impenetrable varnish that just won’t come off.

I had a couple of places like that, behind the stove, the bottom of the cupboard directly above the stove.

This junk was stuck on these surfaces better than the paint. I actually tried a paint scarper to get it off. No other cleaner, solvent, steam, or mechanical force would remove this “Krud”.

As for solvents I used Paint Thinner, Actone, even Methyl Ethel Keaton.

Nothing worked until I picked up a bottle of Krud Kutter at Menards.  I had given up on it and was ready to yank off the back splash and nail another board under the cupboard above the stove.

No More! Krud Kutter does a great job of removing this stuff.

Just be sure to test it so you don’t remove paint or the fake tile printed on your back splash. (I was getting rid of it anyway)


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