Finally Bought a Decent Slicer

I usually cook at my day job, I’m technically the IT Manager/Web Developer. Some how, usually during the interview process, they find out that I previously was  a chef for 20 years. So I become the resident chef where ever I am working.

My current boss has taken to purchasing whole New York Strips and Prime Ribs for our company get together. Which brings me to the dilemma of slicing the meat for serving.


There is just one knife that will do for such cuts of meat, a 10 to 12 inch slicer. Unfortunately, out side a restaurant setting, not many people have one. Trying to make decent cuts with a chefs knife or a serrated bread knife just doesn’t cut it. (Ha Ha)

So I broke down and purchased a really nice knife from our local restaurant supply company,GFS or Gordon Food Service, it’s a 12′ slicer that works like a dream.


So if you are tasked with cooking and serving large hunks of meat, do yourself a favor and get one of these knives. It will make you life a lot easier. As the saying goes “the proper tool for the proper job”.

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