Are You Ready for Red Celery

Coming soon to a market near you, just in time for Christmas and New Year cooking, is Red Celery. This should help you add a little more pizazz to your holiday cooking.

Red Celery on the cutting board

It is exactly like green celery, only its RED. Developed and grown by Duda Farm Fresh Foods in California it is a natural hybrid created from heirloom seeds.

Red Celery growing

Here is what Duda Farms says about their product:

Red Celery is a brand-new and unique product brought to market by Duda Farm Fresh Foods: the world’s largest grower and processor of celery, who once again showcase their commitment to innovation and quality with the introduction of this new celery variety which is …red!

Red Celery is an all-natural beautiful variety of celery that has been bred from heirloom seeds and is available all year round. The first variety in the new Celery Sensations line, Red Celery is a proprietary variety and the result of the world’s largest celery breeding program with over 160 years of research and development invested in the category.

I can’t wait to see it in the market. It is being test marketed in the first on the west coast and in the northwest and southwest. It will be rolled out nationwide sometime later. Duda declined to go into much detail about the company’s marketing plans for competitive reasons and would not say which retailers would carry it or specify which cities.

It will be nice to be able to add some color to my Chicken Salad and other dishes with out having to add red peppers or pimentos.

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