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Are You Ready for Red Celery

Coming soon to a market near you, just in time for Christmas and New Year cooking, is Red Celery. This should help you add a little more pizazz to your holiday cooking. It is exactly like green celery, only its RED. Developed and grown by Duda Farm Fresh Foods in California it is a natural […]

Old Farmer’s Almanac Website

My cousin Shelly, who owns Phillips Jewelers in Coopersville MI, pointed me to a great site The Old Farmer’s Almanac. It is really great site it has tons more information then the book. If you become a member you have access to even more information than just recipes, here are some examples: Free access to […]

Finally Bought a Decent Slicer

I usually cook at my day job, I’m technically the IT Manager/Web Developer. Some how, usually during the interview process, they find out that I previously was  a chef for 20 years. So I become the resident chef where ever I am working. My current boss has taken to purchasing whole New York Strips and […]