Continuing My Moms Recipes Part #2

First we start off with Kropsua Finnish Oven Pancake. As you can see she spelled Kropsue. I thought it my be someones name so I looked it up. Apparently its something prepared in an oven.


As you can maybe tell I haven’t had a chance to try these out. I hoping some brave soul out there will give them a try and comment on how it went. I don’t remember her making anything like this for us, but her second husband was a old German farmer so I’m sure this was for him.

As you can see my mom was rather spartan in her description of the method.  I suppose when you start getting up there into your sixties and seventies all you really need is the ingredient list.

For the second recipe I give you Pineapple Whiskey Cake. I’m not sure if I ever had this one either. I’m pretty sure if she wrote it down she made it, it sounds pretty good. Once again if anyone tries this let me know how it goes.


When you turn it over you get the frosting recipe.


Once again a very spartan method description.

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