Gas vs. Charcoal Grilling

I have finally found a solution for the age-old debate, Propane Gas vs. Charcoal Grilling. It is a debate that everyone has tussled over, especially when you are getting ready to lay out some hard earned money.

It was time to retire our old propane grill. It had seen better days, the burners were shooting flames from new rust-generated orifices and the regulator had given out.

I was torn as to what I should do about the Gas vs. Charcoal dilemma.  So, to the the internet I went to find a new grill that would point me in one direction or the other.

I searched in vain for something that was suitable and a good value. I look  in  the usual places Home Depot, Menard’s, and Sears. My last place to check was Lowe’s, and low and behold this beauty caught my eye. It does both!! It has a propane side and a charcoal side. Genius!

It’s a CharGriller Duo and it was only $299.00


It’s all heavy duty steel and cast iron. A bit on the heavy side though, my back still hurts from wrestling it out of the trunk.

Here is a close-up of the gas side;


And here is the charcoal side;


Already christened the gas side with some burgers and brats.

Can’t wait to fire up some coals. We all know the flavor is better, but you can’t beat the convenience of gas.

Let the Grilling Begin!!!.

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