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I Have a Brand New Soy Sauce

Kikkoman Soy Sauce used to be my one and only soy sauce. But now I have found a new brand to love and cherish. It is Tabasco Soy Sauce. Here it is with some mini egg rolls. It has just a hint of Tabasco in the sauce. Just enough to give it a little zip. […]

Gas vs. Charcoal Grilling

I have finally found a solution for the age-old debate, Propane Gas vs. Charcoal Grilling. It is a debate that everyone has tussled over, especially when you are getting ready to lay out some hard earned money. It was time to retire our old propane grill. It had seen better days, the burners were shooting […]

Here’s a Great Idea for Boiling Eggs

Here is a great idea for those of you out there who have trouble multi-tasking. All things are learned, so here is a web site that can help you get started down the multi-tasking trail. If have trouble with clock watching to get the perfect boiled eggs this web page will help you learn how […]