Great Idea for Easter

Here is a great idea for Easter It’s a Rice Krispies Treat® basket. I remember the first time my mom made these for us. For some reason I was having a really bad time, well as bad as it can be for a kid. Who knows with three older brothers and two younger ones, I guess it might have been a bad case of the middle sibling blues.

Any way, I just remember that that Easter basket with the candy and the Rice Krispy Treat® basket was better than any Christmas.


These are really easy to make, the hardest thing is forming the baskets before they start to stiffen up.

You will need a set of suitable size bowls. I used some square cereal bowls.


Be sure to butter them thoroughly, I thought I did, so if you think you have buttered them enough, do it a little more.

A regular batch was enough to do these three bowls. I wouldn’t do more than one batch at a time. Leave the treats in the pan to keep warm while you are forming one bowl at a time.

Butter your well hand well and form the Rice Krispy Treats® in the bowl.


Kyle, my 16 year old son took this picture, He’s still learning

Push the Rice up and over the edge of the bowls.


Until they look like this. Let them stand about an hour so they set up and don’t collapse.

Then if, like me, you didn’t butter the bowls enough use a butter knife to slide between the Treats and the bowl until it pops out. If you used enough butter they should just pop out.

Fill it with your favorite Easter candy and WOW the kids.


Mary bought the tiny chocolate bunny. Some times I just don’t know what’s wrong with that girl..

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