Sausage Cooking Tip

Here is a great tip for cooking bulk sausage. I always get my sausage in the one pound bulk packs. Bob Evans is my favorite. I didn’t think that this tip was that important till my daughter tried to cook some for her beauty school breakfast pot luck.

We stock up with sausage when it’s on sale and freeze it. You might think that it would be a hassle to remember to take out the sausage the night before. But frozen sausage is really quite continent.

Here’s how:

Cut off the metal ends.

Sausage Tip01

Then microwave for 1 minute, this is where my daughter screwed up. She did for five minutes, it was mush.

Once the the sausage has been microwaved, it is just pliable enough to get a nice sharp knife through

Sausage Tip02

I like this slicer. Another nice thing about this method is you can get the slices as thin or as thick as you want.

Look at that stack of sausage all nice and neatly sliced. Next just put them in the pan and cook.

Sausage Tip03

I like my big old 14 inch skillet for this.

Sausage Tip04

Let them cook and you will have a flavorful sausage for your breakfast.

Sausage Tip06

Oops, looks like I forgot that  I couldn’t wait, and took a bite out of one. Well, that is one of the benefits of being the chef!.

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