Thanksgiving Planning

Today I will lay out my battle plan for Thanksgiving. It will just be Mary, Kyle, Katie and her boyfriend Cricket  and me. So the wife probably bought a 100lb bird, she loves the leftovers. Just went to check the bird, no tag, look like it will be pretty much guess work on the cooking time.


Not really I have a great probe thermometer so the cooking the bird to the proper temp will be know problem. It will be the approximate time it reaches that temp that will be the mystery. Oh well, everybody loves a mystery.

The Turkey
I will be wet brine-ing the bird this year. I looked into a dry brine but decided to go with the wet brine again this year. The reason, dry brines take up to 3 days and I don’t have the room in the fridge and I don’t trust keeping it cold in a cooler for that long. So wet brine it is.

The Sides
Mashed Potatoes, of course. I think I will use sour cream, butter and chives in them this year. That will make them good and rick and extra special.

Gravy made with the pan drippings from the bird. what else is there to say. Except, remember gravy is not a beverage.

Green Been Casserole, Duh! I am going to try a different cream of something soup this year. The kids aren’t crazy about the cream of  mushroom soup. I was in Horacks, a local flower/specialty food store, and I found Campbell’s cream of onion soup. I think I might try that.

Sweet Potatoes, not a great fan, but mom is in the hospital so I am going to whip up a recipe she saw on the Regis and Kelly show and bring her some. Joy Philbin’s Sweet Potato and Fresh Orange Casserole.

Corn, a thanks giving staple. It adds a great contrasting color to the meal. Plus everybody loves it.Frozen is the best with lots of butter and seasonings.

Bread, the wife likes Pillsbury crescent rolls but I think they are nothing but air. I think this year I will make some Parker House rolls, you know three balls of dough in a cupcake pan.


My mom used to make them all the time. I will just get some frozen dough and throw them together on Thursday.

Cranberries, Mary is in charge of the cranberries. I don’t care for them but she just goes ga-ga for them. She likes the jellied cranberries that you pour out of the can.

of course we are talking pumpkin pie. I usually just buy a ready to serve pie from a local bakery.

Well I believe that is it (for now). If you can think of anything I’m forgetting just add it to the comments..

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