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The Turkey Bowl, My New Favorite After Thanksgiving Treat

That is besides turkey sandwiches. There is nothing like a good BLTT. But for an easy, delicious, and hot after Thanksgiving treat that is sure to burn threw the leftovers there is nothing like a Turkey Bowl. It starts out by putting what ever you want into a bowl and then microwaving it till heated […]

Not Only is Butter Better, You can Even Make Your Own

Here is a great video on making butter I found on You Tube .

Thanksgiving Planning

Today I will lay out my battle plan for Thanksgiving. It will just be Mary, Kyle, Katie and her boyfriend Cricket  and me. So the wife probably bought a 100lb bird, she loves the leftovers. Just went to check the bird, no tag, look like it will be pretty much guess work on the cooking […]

Maillard Reaction is My Friend

The Maillard Reaction is my friend, it’s your friend, it’s every food lovers friend.  What is the Maillard Reaction. Its the scientific name for Golden Brown and Delicious. The Maillard reaction is not a single reaction, but a complex series of reactions between amino acids and reducing sugars, usually at increased temperatures. Like caramelization, it […]

Butter IS Better

As you have probably seen I exclusively use butter for my recipes. You will never see me call for margarine or “oleo”, as my folks used to call it. Image Credit There are many reasons, the most important one is flavor. Don’t believe me? Make two batches of Rice Kripspy Treats, one with butter […]

Chili Season In Full Swing Here in Michigan

Well it’s the 1st of November and Chili season is here and the weather in Michigan has been perfect; wet, cold and cloudy. If you need more inspiration than the weather can provide I have posted some links to my chili recipes. If all else fails there is an alternative I added at the end […]