Horror Stories from the Kitchen

I was looking threw my email and saw a story on the Chef’s Blade web site about horror stories from the kitchen. There were mostly stories and comments from professional chefs and restaurants.  My worst mishap was in the home and went something like this.

This was a fire in my home. But it was bad, at least for me.  We had just moved in to a newer place and I was not used to the burners on the stove. I was going to make some popcorn so I put the pan and some oil on the stove to heat. At our last abode the stove was lacking in the BTU department so it took some time to heat up the oil, or anything else. Not so at the new place. I went to check the oil and surprise it was on fire.

No big deal, I took the lid for the pan and placed it on the pan. Fire out. End of story? Not quite. I looked around for some place to dispose of the bunt oil, I still wanted popcorn.

Nothing in the house looked safe so I figured I would go throw it in the snow. I took the pan out side and removed the lid. Smoke shot out of the pan like a jet plane. Unfortunately, I admire it just long enough for oxygen to get to the oil.

FAWHOOM!! it burst into flames. Which really startled me, so naturally I tossed the pan, which then splashed flaming hot oil on my fingers? Why I didn’t just shove my hand in the snow I will never know.

I ran inside and ran cold water on it while my wife and brother where freaking out They saw the flash of flames and thought the worst. They were telling me I should get to the Hospital. I calmed them done and tried to relax myself to take stock of the situation. I said lets just sit here a minute and figure out how sever it was and how bad it hurt.

20 minutes later I was in the hospital emergency room shot up with enough Demerol and Morphine that it actually didn’t hurt any more. Well that’s not 100% true. It hurt but I just didn’t care.

I ended up with third degree burns to three fingers, and a new appreciation for patience..

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