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Where do YOU Want to go to Eat?

At times, it is possible one of the hardest question for two people to answer. If there are more than two people, the answer becomes as hard as quantum physics. I have found a solution for all of us who have been, or will be, in this situation. You know that means all of us. […]

Attack of the Giant Pizza

We were invaded by a very large pizza the other night. We were in the mood for some pizza so we went through our collection of pizza menus on the side of the fridge. I saw the menu for Palermo’s super extra large pizza. It’s a 24 inch monster. Here is what they say about […]

Reese’s Brownies! Just Fricken Awesome!

Oh yeah! You heard me right, Reese’s Brownies, in a cupcake! They are just as good as you would think! I was Stumbling the web when I found The Crepes of Wrath blog which was doing an article about brownies with York Peppermint patties. Not being too fond of peppermint patties I thought of what […]

Horror Stories from the Kitchen

I was looking threw my email and saw a story on the Chef’s Blade web site about horror stories from the kitchen. There were mostly stories and comments from professional chefs and restaurants.  My worst mishap was in the home and went something like this. This was a fire in my home. But it was […]