Cottage Bar and WLAV Chili Cook-Off

I finally made downtown for the Cottage Bar and WLAV Chili Cook-Off. All proceeds benefit Gilda’s Club of West Michigan

Unfortunately it was a little to crowded for my tastes. The view to the north.


The view to the south.


I did manage to sample one groups chili. They were from a local bar and eatery called Cheers Good Time Saloon. It was a passable chili, just the right heat but a little bit of a bitter after taste.

Tried One

Found the guys from WLAV, they looked a little frazzled.That’s Bubba and Rob Brant.

GuysFrom LAV

Just after this picture’ someone spilled a beer down my back and then some chili on my shoes. Needless to say, I was ready to get the heck out of there. I just don’t seem to like the hustle and bustle like I used to.

I think next year I’ll enter the Chili Cook-Off myself..

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