Cherry Picking with a Bonus

Well we made it two times for cherries this season. 15 lbs the first time and 30 lbs the second. As an added bonus the orchard had a selection of some beautiful apricots.


We had a great time picking the cherries. We found some whoppers. It only took us 45 minutes to pick 30 lbs.


We even ran into the unknown cherry picker, you can just make them out through the leaves.


Here is a small portion of our bountie and the bucket with a strap, which is the cherry pickers best friend.


We usually pick at

17647 40th Avenue, Conklin, MI 49403

They also have a nice little petting zoo so it’s great fun for the whole family.HappyCerriesNailedToATreeIMG_3511-11x14

Have a great week while I eat waaaaaayyy too many cherries!.

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