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Great Dilbert

I Just love Dilbert! See more at

The Hidden Danger of Onion Rings

Well not really hidden, more like forgotten.  Maybe it’s because I don’t eat them as often as say, french fries. But every time I eat them I invariably, at least once, get the dreaded molten hot onion that slides out of the protective sheath of the breading and scalds the crap out of my lip. […]

Cherry Picking with a Bonus

Well we made it two times for cherries this season. 15 lbs the first time and 30 lbs the second. As an added bonus the orchard had a selection of some beautiful apricots. We had a great time picking the cherries. We found some whoppers. It only took us 45 minutes to pick 30 lbs. […]

This Looks So Good I had to Share

I found this recipe at the Noble Pig. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but it looks just fantastic. See the whole story here: Noble Pig: When the Moon Hits the Sky….

NY Strip con Chiles Verde

If you are a regular reader of the Chef Benwa Cooks blog then you will know my fondness for green chilies. From my Chili Verde con Cerdo to my Chile Verde con Carne y Tomatoes. I just love the chilies. Another favorite of mine is Jack Link’s Jalapeno Beef Jerky. This got the old brain […]