Strawberry Sponge-cake, Great Desert for Mom!

What’s good about this recipe is that you can get the kids in on making a dessert for Mom on Mother’s Day. There are no knives used in this preparation. The sharpest thing we used was a grapefruit spoon. If you use biscuits its called Strawberry Shortcake.  Because you use shortening for biscuits, they call them shortcakes.


You will need:

1lb Fresh Strawberries
2 Packages Sponge Cake Dessert Cups or 12 Biscuits
1 cup Sugar
1 can Whipped Cream

Serves 4 to 5

So lets start with the strawberries. Remove the green part of the berry with the grapefruit spoon.


Here is what makes this kid friendly, instead of using a knife to cut the berries we use a egg slicer.


Once the berries are finished, pour in the sugar and give them a stir, then place in the fridge for an hour or so. This will create a nice sauce to soak into the sponge cake or biscuits.


Once the berries have a nice bit of sauce on them we can build the sponge-cakes.  You can use a plate or shallow bowl. I used a plate because it looks more dramatic.

Place a sponge-cake on the center of the plate.


Place a spoonful or two of berries on the cake.


Hit it with a layer of whipped cream.


and then just repeat and top with some berries and sauce.


I like this with the sponge-cake better than the biscuits. I know that the biscuit are the traditional cake of choice so use what you prefer.

This is a great desert to get the kids involved. I would use the shallow bowls with the kids, I had a hard time trying to keep it upright.

So Happy Day to all you Mothers!.


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  1. Devon says:

    Instead of Just Whipped Cream I also use my fruit dip recipe.

    You’ll Need:
    One stick of cream cheese
    One bottle of marshmallow fluff
    2 black and 4 blue Berries (optional)
    A Spoon
    A Bowl

    Take the ingredients and put them all into a medium bowl. (if you have an electronic mixing bowl it’s much faster). Then one everything is nice and creamy give it a taste. YUM!!

    Next you apply it to the dessert. Before adding your strawberries to the first layer, add your cream dip first and then place the strawberries on top. Apply the dip to the next layer as well and it adds a delicious texture and taste you a classic dessert.

    This dip is also great for party fruit salads. It goes well with any an every fruit.

  2. JENNIFER says:


  3. JENNIFER says:


  4. Hales says:

    This was really good!!

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