Sonic Opens a New Store In Grand Rapids MI

They finally opened a Sonic Drive-In in Grand Rapids MI. They have been advertising on the cable stations for ages but they didn’t have one close enough to go to.

They have the old style drive-in with the menu and intercom at each station. They even have waitresses on skates! What a flash back for all the baby boomers. It’s just like American Graffiti.

Well I thought I would try it out on opening day. It didn’t look too bad as I drove by as I was coming up to the turn in for the Sonic, which is in front of the local Menards.


As I was getting closer to the turn in I noticed a long line of cars waiting to turn right in to the drive. Oh-My-God it was a nightmare.  I was turning left into the drive so I sneaked in and managed to get the shot below.


People where standing in line in the friggin parking lot, it can’t be that good.

Then I saw this sign.


Proceed to Staging Area. What the heck do they mean I’m just trying to get a friggin burger for lunch. What, are they giving away gold or something.

So I thought I would check out just how big this staging area was.  So I turn ed into the Menards lot.


It went clear to the far side of the parking lot and then back towards the restaurant.


Needless to say I didn’t wait to get in. I only had a half hour for lunch. It’s obvious  that all these people waiting in line where not so encumbered.

So it’s been a week or so since I tried to get into Sonic. I’m such a creature of habit I can’t seem to drive the extra 1/4 mile past Wendy’s. I’m sure they don’t have a spicy chicken sandwich as good as Wendy’s.

I will let you know how it is when, or if, I go there..

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