Passing On of the Recipes

I received one of the greatest gift anyone interested in food or cooking could receive, my mother’s recipes.
Was it a worn and weary bound tome of the Bennett and Buzas families passed down through the generations? Was it a homemade box stuffed full of hand written on slightly stained index cards?
No, it was a plastic Target  shopping bag.


Oh well you can’t judge a recipe book by its cover, or bag, as it were. I looked through the recipes in the bag.


I would have to sort and catalog the whole Target bag of recipes. I don’t think it will be that bad though, there is a lot of room in the bag. The hand written, slightly stained index cards were represented,


along with a lot of recipes clipped out of magazines and pre-printed index cards.


But where was the Gold? Where was the recipe for grammas’ golden Fánks, Rétes, Kalács or the candied yams from Thanksgiving?
I finished sorting them and still no golden recipes, just a lot of generic recipes and some for canning pickled beets


or rhubarb custard pie, Yuk.

Well I called my mother to find out what happened to the recipes for the Fánks and other recipes mentioned above. It turns out she was holding out on me. The bag of recipes were her cast-offs that she said she either didn’t want or that she didn’t think she would make again. All her good recipes she has in a book.

So next Sunday I’m going out there with my laptop and my scanner to get all the good recipes. She said she would show me how she makes Fánks and Rétes too. I hope to document the method with video, if not video for sure pictures..

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