I Found Gold in My Refrigerator

Do you see it, its right in front of you. Just like real gold, it isn’t always obvious.


There it is sitting just to the right of Mary’s disgusting cooked greens. It’s left-over baked potatoes, just waiting to be turned into Golden Brown and Delicious fried potatoes. These lowly left-over spuds can provide you with some of the best, most flavorful and most beautiful potatoes you may ever have.

There is nothing like finding some left-over baked potatoes. It’s just  like finding gold, well kinda. Ya know, I don’t know why I don’t just bake off a dozen or so every now and then just for frying up.

Well enough of that, lets get started with these soon to be GB&D potatoes. You will need

3 Left-Over Baked Potatoes (mine where kind of small, I got 2 serving from them)
2 Tbls Oil
1 Tbls Butter
Salt to Taste

Slice your potatoes 1/4 inch thick.


Heat the butter and oil in a large skillet over med. high heat.


Once the skillet is hot layer the potato slices in the pan.


We don’t have to worry about cooking them so all we are doing is browning them. Check for browning and turn over.


Here’s what the look like after the first turn. They should take about four turns all together. Some will definitely brown faster than others.


Here I am finishing up the stragglers.


Voila!  Server them up with some sunny-side-up eggs and toast and you’ve got a great breakfast.


The fact is, these go great with just about any hearty home cooked meal. Just use your imagination, you’ll come up with some great entrees to serve with these golden beuaties. Or just eat them by them selves, they’re that good!.


2 Responses to “I Found Gold in My Refrigerator”

  1. tigger says:

    I worked with a guy who said that he could stand in front of the refrigerator and see nothing to eat. His wife could stand in front of the same refrigerator and see an entire meal.

  2. Chef Benwa says:

    He sounds like my kids. We get back from spending $200 at the grocery store and they still can’t find anything to eat.

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