Best Knife Sharpener Ever

Well except for sending them out to be ground that is.


I’ve been using the Edgemaker Pro for about 25 years know. My first one finally succumbed to being drop a few too many time. So I purchased a new one. Well not actually one, I bought the set. You can get them at two different websites for sure,  and probably many others if you do a search.

Don’t go to the site. See I told you so! It is a little overwhelming and not in a good way. It’s like they went to a web site that lists all the bad web designs ideas and they used everyone of them.

So I would suggest They do a much better job at website design and the have a great how-to video.

The orange handeled one is what you will use most often.


The blue handled one is what you will use when you first receive the sharpeners and for older knives that you haven’t used the sharpeners on yet.You can see these have a much more aggressive grind


The yellow one is for fine honing and quick re-sharpen while the knife is in use. Like you would use a steel.


I just love these sharpeners. I’ve tried many other and these seem to do the best job for me. I’ve tried the electric grinders, but with those you just grind away your expensive knives way too prematurely.

And those sharpeners with the crisscrossed pieces of metal never worked for me and the sound of the blade going over the metal just gives me the willies, just like fingernails on a chalkboard.

You can buy them indevidually or save $5.00 if you buy them as a set. Obviuosly I bought the set.

Like I said at the beginning of this post these are the best sharpeners I’ve  found. Unless you have that little old Italian guy who used to come to the reastuarnt once a week to grind our knives, but that’s a whole other story..

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