2 Great Web Sites

I’m unable to come up with a good recipe this week plus I have to re-caulk the bathroom today. I think a “How To” on re-caulking a tub surround would be a little off target for this blog.

So, I’ve decided to pass on a couple of good web sites I’ve found while looking for inspiration.

First is Still Tasty “Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide – Save Money, Eat Better, Help The Environment”


This is a great web site to help you answer that age old question that come from someone buried shoulders deep in the back of the fridge ” Do you think this is still good?”

Second is from the good people at Kraft. They have a great page of substitutions for common items you may run out of. Well not may run out of, it’s the stuff you always seem to run out of especially while in the middle of cooking.


I hope these we be of some service to you. I know they are to me, even if it is only to give me another week to come up with a great recipe to share with all of you..

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