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Best Sandwich in 20 Years

Of all my time spent in a professional kitchen the thing I liked the best was coming up with new and innovative stuff to eat. Back in the day when I was in the kitchen, the staff ate pretty much what they wanted. After a while everything got pretty monotonous. So I would try different […]

Jell-O Shooters

In keeping with last weeks post about Google’s Gmail Goggles I thought I’d give you a chance to use it.

New Tool for Foodies with Gmail

For all you foodies out there who have a Gmail account and like to partake of an occasional adult beverage. I have a new tool for you. Google Mail Goggles, it uses math test to see if you are sober enough to send that missive you feel so strongly about. Well at least till the […]

Shrimp and Pork Egg Rolls

Not together, I’m making Pork Egg Rolls and Shrimp Egg Rolls. Shrimp for me and the wife and Pork Egg Rolls for the kids. Lucky me, they don’t like Shrimp, or Crab or Lobster! Yeah, more for me! Well enough about that, lets get on with the Egg Rolls. First of a word about the […]

Great Image of Steak Doneness

I found this at Ask The Meatman. It’s a great representaion of the what the doneness of a beef steak should look like and the approximate time to cook it. .

2 Great Web Sites

I’m unable to come up with a good recipe this week plus I have to re-caulk the bathroom today. I think a “How To” on re-caulking a tub surround would be a little off target for this blog. So, I’ve decided to pass on a couple of good web sites I’ve found while looking for […]

Potato Pancakes from Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Here is a great way to use up any leftover mashed potatoes that you have. These taste great and they really stick to your ribs on these cold, waning days of winter.