Taking Advantage of Bulk Burger Prices!

How many times have you seen ads in the paper for ridiculously low prices on bulk ground beef. Then you ask yourself “what am I going to do with a 5, 10 or 15 pounds of ground meat”? I’ve seen people throw 5 lb bags of ground meat in the freezer. Which is fine as long as you remember to get it out 4 days before you are going to use it.

I’ve found a better way, repackage it into smaller portions. I portion them into 1 quart zip lock bags then make them about one inch thick so they thaw out in no time.

You will need:

Several 1 Quart Zip Lock Bags
Kitchen Scale
Sharpie or Magic Marker

I had a 6+ pound bag of bulk hamburger. So I labeled 5 bags “1lb”. You can date them too if you want, mine doesn’t usually last that long.


I then grabbed a wad of burger and put it in the bag and set it on the scale.


Then you add a little more, or take some away, until you reach 1 lb (or so)


Then pack and flatten the meat into the bag. This makes for easy thawing later. It also cuts down on freezer burn.


When you get to the last bag label it accordingly, I had 1.5 lbs left. Then your ready to pop them into the freezer.


So get out there and stock up your freezer with bargain basement meat. You will be glad you did..


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  1. Super Post, what do your reader think about jamie oliver? There are some really good jamie oliver inspited recipes mydish. I have also sent this post to my twitter accounts .

  2. Chef Benwa says:

    Thanks for the input. I’m not sure what my readers think of him but I am getting a little burned out from the over exposure that most of of the “celebrity” chefs seem to get.

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