Jalapeno Cleaning Tip

In last weeks post I used several fresh jalapenos in my Hot Sauce recipe. When you are using fresh jalapenos it is a good idea to remove the seeds and the fleshy part that holds them to the peppers. That is unless you like it really hot, then just leave ’em in.

I was looking more towards imparting the flavor of the jalapenos because I was getting most of my heat from the crushed red peppers and Tabasco sauce that the recipe calls for.

I started out using my thumb to pry the seeds out but, I had little success. I also didn’t want to embed the capsicium in my skin for the rest of the day. Bad things can happen , especially if you forget and rub your eyes or some other tender part of your anatomy. I know I should have been using rubber gloves, but my daughter took my box of 100 pair to her friends house to have a hair dying party and some how they disappeared.

But I digress, so I was in need of some way to remove the seeds and from about 9 to 10 fresh jalapenos. I looked into the my utensil draws, yes I have more than one, and in that jumbled mass of peelers, mashers, ladles and a myriad of other kitchen devises a shining beacon shown through to point me the way to clean jalapenos. It was the melon baller.


The small side worked the best. It fit right into the jalapenos and scooped it out clean. I was so surprised at the job it did it seemed as if it was made just for this purpose. I’m sure it would work just as well on any of the other peppers that you work with.

Just be sure to use a melon baller with smooth edges, I’ve seen them with serrated edges and I think these would be a little too aggressive. Why do you need a melon baller with serrated edges any way, how tough are your melons?

Once again I believe Alton Brown would be proud of me for finding a new use for the lowly melon baller..


5 Responses to “Jalapeno Cleaning Tip”

  1. Maggie says:

    Now if you can only think of a tool to do the same to Thai birds. I was cleaning just one and forgot and took out a contact, Yeeouch!

  2. This is an awesome tip! I usually have plastic gloves but of course there are the times I run out and am cleaning these little hotties. I’ve learned my lesson or I should say my eyes have – LOL! The melon baller is a great idea!

  3. Chef Benwa says:

    I know the feeling. I’ve even had problems the next day. Even after washing the dishes, cleaning up and a shower the next morning.

  4. Dagmar Siona says:

    I must say that by and large I am really happy with this web site. After reading your post I can tell you are educated about your writing. Looking forward to future posts. Thanks!

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