Happy Day Griddle-Grill Revisited

I Now have two Happy Day Griddle-Grills. As you may know from my first posting “Happy Day Griddle/Grill Best Griddle I Have Ever Used, Period.” I acquired my first Happy Day Griddle from my mom. She was about to throw it in the trash. My second Happy Day Griddle was purchased on eBay.

The remarkable thing about these two griddles is that they are made by 2 different companies. My first griddle was manufactured by Perma-Cast Corp. of Racine WI and the second griddle I acquired was manufactured by WM. B. Watkins Co. of Evanston, IL. Of the two, I believe the one manufactured by WM. B. Watkins Co. has the better quality.

As you can see by the images below the detail where the handles meet the pan are far superior in the WM. B. Watkins version than the Perma-Cast griddle.


The clincher is when you turn over the two griddles. You can see the WM. B Watkins model has all of the detail while the Perma-Cast griddle has omitted the bottom detail all together.


In my opinion the WM. B. Watkins version is superior just in the fact that they obviously took the time to create a griddle with all the right details no matter how insignificant. To me that displays a quality company that did quality work.

So if you are lucky enough to find a Happy Days Griddle – Grill grab it up. If you are lucky enough to find the WM. B. Watkins version, all the better. It has a better quality look of the two Happy Day Griddle – Grills.

As for cooking, they work exactly the same. As you can see in the picture my Perma-Cast griddle has more seasoning to it, but besides that, they both cook a great grilled ham and cheese sammys. They are great for pancakes too.

Oh by the way. I had a comment on my original post from a lady named Sharon that she would be selling a Happy Day Griddle- Grill the week of Feb 17th on eBay. So if your looking to buy one be sure to check eBay..


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  1. Carly SS says:

    You’re the devil that OUTBID me for this!! I’ve been looking to replace mine forever!!

    My original was also my mother’s. My first replacement for that came from Goodwill.

    Here’s the rub with these griddles: The aluminum casting will crack at the point of the handle if you are not careful with the heat. My first one cracked when my husband left it on the burner and then tossed it in the sink and put cold water on it. My second one cracked in the same place while I was away (my son swears he didn’t use it, let alone abuse it!).

    So care for this lovingly. And I remain forever jealous that you outbid me!

  2. B. Jennings says:

    I have two griddles, circa mid-1960’s. My favorite is the one from Permacast even though the handle broke. I fixed it with a clamp that I use for my swimming pool hoses. The detail on my griddle handles are the same on both, not like your detail on your Permacast. My Watkins Griddle is warped – don’t know how that happened. I have the original packaging from one of these griddles – It reads: Perma Cast Corp. Watkins Division, 1715 Taylor Avenue, Racine Wisconsin U.S.A. It looks like Perma Cast and Watkins were one company at some time in history. I also have an address for the Wm. B. Watkins Co. at 2605 Broadway, Evanston, Ill. Needless to say, I love my griddle and have used it almost every day for 45 years. I would love another one so I could give each of my children one.

  3. katy says:

    Do you have an estimated price on the skillets in these pictures? I am looking to sell a griddle of my own and would like to know for an asking price.

  4. Chef Benwa says:

    I would say that I think I paid around 11 or 12 dollars and it was another $11 for shipping when I bought my second one on eBay. I just saw one for sale on eBay right now going for about the same. If you want to see it just go to eBay and type “Happy Day Griddle” into the search. If it is still for sale it should come right up.

    The one on eBay is a little different than the two I have. The handle is riveted on while the ones I own have cast side piece where the handles screw on with a long screw down the center.

  5. Steve R says:

    I love my Watkins griddle. Thanks to Ebay, I have two of them; the original one which has a wooden handle, and the newer one pictured here. The one with the wooden handle wiggles a lot, and you need to hammer the rivets occasionally to tighten it up, which I assume is why they changed the design.
    My mom used hers all the time while I was growing up. There is nothing else like it on the market. I’m happy to see how many other people are still using them! I thought that I was the only one!

  6. Chef Benwa says:

    Yes they are great! Thanks to eBay, I have two also. It’s great to have a spare. I’m surprised some body hasn’t brought these back into production,

  7. I saw a happy day griddle on e bay. It said it could only be used on a gas stove. I use my Mother’s griddle and we both used it on electric stove. Did they make some just for gas stoves? I love mine and bought another one from your site. I’m trying to clean the back of it up before I use it. They are great grills. Mona

  8. Chef Benwa says:

    Hi Mona, As far as I know heat is heat. Whether it comes from electric or gas. This might be how old wive’s tales get started ;^)

  9. Hi, how do I clean it? Is it o’kay to use degreaser on it?. Mona

  10. Chef Benwa says:

    Yes, I use Dawn and a green scrubby, you know the 3M type, you may have to re-season when you are done.

  11. Thanks. some greatinfo here, keep it up .I cannot really leave a more constructive remarkas i’m a bit out of my gravitybut I will be inspectionback here for further updates.

  12. Claudine says:

    I have been looking for one of these for ages -I have my Mom’s origin al from when we were kids but the handle is broken and it needs to be cleaned with all the crud on it – not from my mom – she kept things spotless, but from sisters who have used it through the years. I belive the original is from the Watkins Co. who used to come door to door to sell things in the 50’s. I live in California and whatever my Mom bought my two aunts who lived nearby got also. All of them had it. Unfortunately my last aunt who died, her sons could not find it – they were going to give it to me. I think the middle son took it when no one was around – it made the best pancakes and other things evenly cooked and my husband has bought me several griddles through the years but I never used them – this one is THE BEST. iThe original name is Happy Day Griddle and Grill b y W M B Watkins Co. in Evanston, IL.

  13. admin says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by clean it. I treat mine like cast iron. It is a cast metal, almost 100% sure it’s aluminum. I just wipe it down with paper towels or a quick dip in soapy water if its real greasy then let it air dry.

    It gets a seasoning just like cast iron so you don’t really want to scrub it till it shines like new. Actually I believe that a well used pan or pot takes on a patina much like old furniture and other high quality antiques. As with antiques I believe scrubbing a pot till it’s looks like new takes away from the flavor it imparts and the warmth of the pan.

  14. stephen says:

    I have one that we used when we went camping with the kids now the kids have kids so it is old we are still using it. for all kinds of cooking the handle is a little loose I am leary about trying to tighen it so I don’t touch it.
    It is great!

  15. Jodi says:

    I have my aunt’s Happy Day Griddle-Grill. This one is made by the Wm. B. Watkins Co. which is printed underneath a U.S. Patent number. Haven’t seen any with the patent number printed on them. Have any of you seen that?

  16. Marsha says:

    Ibrought my mom to live with me and she has the Watkins Happy Day Grill. My husband and I love to cook out but where we live the wind comes at a moments notice and often times we can’t cook outside. I have all the fancy griddles you can think of, so when my mom told me to use hers on the stove top (I have the electric smooth top) I didn’t think it would be any better than any of the others. Boy was I wrong! Just as everyone has said, there is nothing better! I cook lots of marinated chicken, and it tastes as great as when cooking on the outdoor grill. I have given all other griddles to friends and family. I will never use any other. My mom told me this was an antique and probably could not purchase them any longer. I put the words into my browser and found this. Great to hear other stories about this great grill!

  17. mary b says:

    I have the Permacast version of this Griddle and I love it. It is my most most prized kitchen object. I inherited mine when my Mom passed away. This Griddle has seen ‘a lot’ of use but is still going strong. Would not part with it. I’ve seen more modern versions, they are just not as good.

    I just discovered today that apparently other people appreciate this Griddle as much as I do, it is a ‘collector’s item’.. who knew ?

  18. Chef Benwa says:

    Of all my Blogs this one gets the most comments, people just love their Happy Day Griddle/Grills!

  19. I have been using Happy day Grills for almost 61 years. Today my third one will go be the way side. Unless some one can tell an old lady were she can find a replacement asap.
    Just dont put love care and use ability in produces today. Sad but true.
    Ours were Permacast from Racin Wi

  20. Curtis Love says:

    The grill, unfortunately, is a dangerous place to cook food, and the griddle would be a great gift to the health conscious. Lastly, this would also be a great gift idea for someone who likes to conserve energy and save the planet. It is true that there are other griddles for sale, but this may be the only product that can deliver a healthier diet, while still achieving great taste at a higher efficiency.

  21. Margaret says:

    To Jodi

    Yes I have one that has the patent number on it and I looked the number up and it was patent on Oct 29, 1929.

  22. Robin says:

    I found the Watkins one at Goodwill earlier this year on a fluke (and got it for $2) and we used it on the grill at the campsite we went to earlier this year. Saved us a fortune on going out for breakfast every morning as the campsite furnished charcoal grills, mini fridges and microwaves but nothing else. So we bought pancake mix for one day, eggs and bacon for another, sausage and eggs another, etc. It was wonderful. I am looking for another one. Wish I would have found mine sooner.

  23. Arleen says:

    Inherited one from husband’s grandmother’s estate. Except for an incident in 1972 when our then 20 month old turned the stove on and melted part of the handle, I use it often for pancakes and salmon patties! I bought a new one in 1979 for my sister-in-law, but a house fire destroyed everything, thus that griddle had a complete melt down.

    But charred handle & all, I still use mine regularly!

  24. Geanene Weathers says:

    I just found a griddle, new, never used in the original box in my attic of a very old home I purchased a couple of years ago. The handle is missing, it may still be up there..I’m going to go search. It is a Wm B Watkins version, and funny thing is the shipping address on the box, doesn’t even have a zip code…must be pretty darn old!

  25. Chef Benwa says:

    Yes They are old, but everyone loves them

  26. Carolann Saks says:

    I have a 40 plus year old Happy Day griddle in need of a replacement handle. Are replacement handles available or do I have to continue to use my griddle handleless.

    Carolann Saks

  27. Chef Benwa says:

    I’m not sure if you can find any. Maybe buy one with a handle. Or if you know someone with some woodworking skills. It is just a long screw that holds the handle on.

  28. venice beaches says:

    I knew it was special when I found one at Good Will (Punta Gorda, FL) today for $5. It is Perma Cast in Racine, Wis, but the handle detail is on the back as well as the front. Was this actually a dual-purpose? That the flip side is for meat? How interesting.

    Thank you all for the information on this.

  29. Chef Benwa says:

    Another convert to the Happy Day Griddle-Grill

  30. sayitstr8r says:

    i love few things more than watkins griddle (and right now I can’t think of what they are – oh, dear) but here’s my question: can I turn it over and heat the smooth side and grill fish or chicken on the other side? need to know before dinner tonight.

    now, if this is blasphemy or will make my happy griddle sad, please let me know. I wouldn’t do that for the world.

    thanks all you happy day grill and griddle pan fans

  31. Chef Benwa says:

    Yes I do that all the time :^)

  32. Lucy Mullen says:

    My Wm. B. Watkins Happy Day Griddle-Grill is from the second patent applied for in 1950, as it has the detailed handle and “neck” where the handle is attached. It was my grandmother’s and has been in use since about 1952. It has made countless pancakes and grilled sandwiches. I hate to think how I’d get along without it. I have two George Foreman grills, which are great for a quick meal, but nothing beats my old Happy Day! We use it on the electric stove in the summer and the wood stove in the winter.

  33. This site was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something that helped me. Many thanks!

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  35. RetroJim53 says:

    Hi there,
    I just acquired a Watkins Happy Day Griddle Grill. I have yet to clean it up.It will be going on eBay in a day or two.I deal in mid century counter top appliances.I’m always fascinated as to the different things my Mom may have used when I was a kid of the 50-60’s.

  36. Patricia says:

    I just found this Twosome grill in my mother’s storage. Not sure what to think about it but it looks like she rarely used it. I’m going to clean it up and see what I can do with it. My father passed away a few years back. He loved gadgets of all sorts. I’m sure he’s the one that purchased this and i feel like he’s looking down at me and laughing. He was a boy scout leader and a lot of camping so I’m sure that’s what he used.

  37. Susie says:

    I have the Racine, WI one that I am trying to sell. These are cool. Anyone interested?

  38. Del says:

    We have had an Evanston model with wooden handle in use for the last 15 years. My wife’s mom used it for as long as she can remember too. How do I determine how old it really is?

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