A Cheap Solution to a Food Blogger’s Problem

If you have been following this blog you may have noticed my secret little problem. Almost all the food images on my blog are on the same tableware. I tried to solve this problem by checking out the local big retail stores such as Meijers, Target and Big Lots, but all the tableware at these places were either $6 to $12 a piece or they wanted you to buy a full sets of dishes.

I have found a solution to my problem It’s my local thrift stores, Goodwill or any of a dozen local stores in the area. I found a plethora of possibilities for plating my creations and a bonus, a french fry cutter. Best of all this stuff is cheap and you are also helping less fortunate people in your area.


What I was looking for were plain, solid-color tableware that wouldn’t distract from the food. I made it to two of the shops in my area. Goodwill and Value Land Thrift Store, which is a mission store.

Here is some of the stuff I found:

A black and a brown bowl;


A really nice square blue plate;


A Correll plater with a nice nutral brown border;


And the best find of all, a french fry cutter. We tested it out tonite, the fries were the best.


I hope this will give you some inspiration to find some new- to-you tableware that is at bargain prices to help you with your cooking and blogging..


2 Responses to “A Cheap Solution to a Food Blogger’s Problem”

  1. Vicky F says:

    Good idea, Chef B. I have had some luck finding very pretty orphan plates at antique stores, too, and usually quite reasonable.

  2. Chef Benwa says:

    I had to do something, this guy at work told me his wife was going crazy because I kept using the same plate in all my food images:^)

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