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Looks Like a 2 Week Recovery Time

Looks like it’s going to be more like 10 to 14 day recovery time for the Uvulactomy. I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon. He took out the rest of the stitches so that helps. It’s not rubbing my tongue raw anymore. I’m still hitting the Vicodin every four hours, though. Still hurts pretty bad, […]

No Recipe This Week, Had My Uvula Removed!

No solid food since Sunday, throat still killing me, Vicodin making me really stupid. I’ll just be posting stuff I have found while Stumbling. Found this a while ago, Thought it is kinda of funny. I’ll be posting all week, nothing much else to do..

Look What I Found, A Tomato Index

While Stumbleing the web I found a Tomatoe Index. It looks like every tomato you cuould ever want. Check it out: Tomatoe Index .

Homemade Jalapeno Poppers

I really like the idea of the Jalapeno Poppers that they sell in the stores but I have always been disappointed with the flavor and quality. So I am attempting to make my own. The method is pretty straight forward slice whole Jalapenos in half stuff with some cheese and freeze. Once they are frozen […]

Revisiting Special Rice Krispies Treats

These have become a Christmas tradition around our house so I thought I would revisit the Rice Krispies Treats post from a while back. These make a great dish to bring to a holiday party. They are easy to make, can be very festive and everybody loves them. Click here to see the Krispies post. […]

The Best Breakfast Potatoes Ever!

I’m not sure where she found this recipe but it is a great one. I’ll eat this stuff any time. Morning, noon ot night, this is my absolute all time favorite dish served with 3 over easy eggs and some whole wheat toast. Yummy! OK, lets get going: