The sign of a good Chef,
The ability to Admit To and Fix our screw ups

In the previous two post is a screw up and a fix. I made some Chili Verde con Carne for a chili themed potluck at work. Someone offered to bring white chili and another person was bringing Chili con Carne so I piped in with “I’ll bring green chili”. This is how screw ups begin.

Green and Red Chili

When it was done it looked, according to my daughter, “kind of not appetizing”. In fact it didn’t take much imagination to think it might have already made the trip down and back up again, if you get my meaning.

This was at 11:00 pm the day before the potluck. So I brought the Chili Verde con Carne to work and everyone tried it and they all said it was great, and it was. It just didn’t look as good as it tasted.

To appease my daughter who felt slighted because she didn’t get any chili,  and for my own ego, I decided to fix it. Thus we have Chili Verde con Carne y Tomates

So if the look of your chili isn’t important or you don’t like tomatoes or are allergic to them try my Chili Verde con Carne. If you are more traditional and mind that your chili looks a little “used” try the Chili Verde con Carne y Tomates.

Let me know what you think..

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