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Nothing like a Good BLTT

That is Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Turkey. Or a Club sandwich. We just happen to have some turkey laying around for some reason. So.. Its Club Sandwich Time, or BLTT. My daughter was very proud of her quadruple layer Club sandwich she made over the weekend. It reminded me of the Club sandwich we used […]

The sign of a good Chef,
The ability to Admit To and Fix our screw ups

In the previous two post is a screw up and a fix. I made some Chili Verde con Carne for a chili themed potluck at work. Someone offered to bring white chili and another person was bringing Chili con Carne so I piped in with “I’ll bring green chili”. This is how screw ups begin. […]

Chile Verde con Carne y Tomatoes

OK, so not everybody was crazy about the Chili Verde con Carne. In fact my daughter wouldn’t even touch it. To fix it up I  reduced the amount of stock and added 4 cans of diced tomatoes and 2 cans of diced tomatoes. Oh! there is no need to thicken it with the corn starch […]

Chili Verde Con Carne

So here is the Chili Verde Con Carne. I was trying for something different. We were having a Chili themed potluck at work. Someone was bringing white chili and and someone else was bringing red chili so I said “I’ll bring green chili. I loved it but not many other people could get past the […]

Homemade Applesauce, the Only Way to Go!

I had some apples sitting around in the icebox for a little too long so I decided to make some apple sauce. I had about a half dozen medium to large Granny Smiths and about a dozen and a half of various sized Galas.

Homemade Potato Skins

I have been making potato skins since the late 70s. Everybody just loves ’em. When I worked at Guthrie’s Restaurant we would bake off about 2 to 3 full sheet pans of potatoes, cut them in half and scoop them out then cut the half’s in half again. Later some vendors came out with pre-cooked/pre-scooped […]

Real Men Eat Quiche, and Make It Too

I love Quiche, the whole family loves quiche. I made four of them Sunday, that’s four full size deep dish pies, and they are almost gone. Bacon Quiche, Sooo Gooood! What’s great about quiche is that you can put what ever you like in them. You can make taco quiche, pizza quiche, bacon quiche, veggie […]