Football Season is Chicken Wing Season

The start of the NFL football season signals the start of the Unofficial Chicken Wing season. You can have them fried, baked, broiled, or grilled. I like them fried with a nice coating of a good Buffalo Wing sauce. I also really like them grilled after they’ve been marinated in a good, hot marinade.

In honor of the start of chicken wing season I thought I would do some investigating in to whether fresh or frozen wing are better. To start things off I purchased 4 pounds of frozen and 5 pounds of fresh.

The frozen won on preparation, just thaw them in some running water and you are done. The fresh were another matter altogether. They where whole and needed to be cut into their respective sections, check for a “How To” in a later post, and to top it off, you paid for the tips that aren’t good for anything but stock.

As for cooking, I marinated all of them with The Best Chicken Marinade/Sauce Ever! and cooked them on the grill. The frozen wings where larger and took a little long to cook. The fresh ones had more of a tendency to stick to the grill and lost the skins.

As for flavor, six of us ate them and we couldn’t tell any difference.

In conclusion I think I will get frozen chicken wings from now on. They were easier to prepare, had the same flavor and they were bigger and thus had a better presentation.

I severed them in a basket with some fries and celery sticks..


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