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I Got a New Toy! Oops, I Mean Tool

I found a great deal on a Infrared Thermometer with a laser pionter and I just couldn’t resist. It’s all Alton’s fault. It looks like I got the last one too. I was going create a link to the page at NewEgg but it’s gone. I received the add in an email so I am […]

How To Section Chicken Wings

In last weeks post I discussed the pros and cons between fresh and frozen chicken wings. See the results here. One of the problems with the fresh chicken wings was that they usually come whole and you need to cut them into sections. Which are drumette, middle and tip. You could take your cleaver and […]

Football Season is Chicken Wing Season

The start of the NFL football season signals the start of the Unofficial Chicken Wing season. You can have them fried, baked, broiled, or grilled. I like them fried with a nice coating of a good Buffalo Wing sauce. I also really like them grilled after they’ve been marinated in a good, hot marinade. In […]

Bean and Guacamole Dip Revisited

Hi All, I spent the whole weekend at my day job installing a new Dell server. So I thought I would revisit an earlier post for Bean dip and Guacamole dip seeing as it’s the start of the NFL football season. Go Lions! The Lions had the best record in the pre-season, 4 and 0, […]

Chicken Quesadillas

To make the Chicken Quesadillas I used the marinade from The Best Chicken Marinade/Sauce Ever! post. Just grill the chicken before hand and let it cool.